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This mode of origin is very probable, although not absolutely
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eioentric hypertrophy of the left ventricle, is to produce an abnormal
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of this topic. Some members of the Philippine Islands Medical Asso-
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will bear his sufferings much better if he does not find his hopes dis-
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it is not necessary to have such high potency serum as is needed in the precipitin
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closed Hask prevented the appearance of all infusoria of the
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milder preparations of iron, the employment of Pyrmont-water, or that
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essentially to the establishment of transudation of serum. This im-
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and lower portion of the small intestine was hyperaemic and contained Trichuris
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At a meeting of the New York Medical and Surgical So-
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more boldly should we order opium. Let a Dover's powder be taken
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who, by his zeal and energy, assisted us greatly in collecting the material
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evening fluctuations of temperature, usually show a wonderful degree
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in the popliteal space and groin were enlarged; amputation; recovery.
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the pleural surfaces do not rub together with sufficient quickness.
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and unlike, in its main features, any other. Its mode of at-
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small quantities of wine, and a nutritious and easily-digested diet
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during the last five years of the decade, now nearly completed, oi
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whether inspiration alone be laborious, and expiration free. In the
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follows : The fever commenced in Rector Street, on the south
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Morphologically this parasite shows marked variation under different environ-
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mildly; the patients suffer scarcely any, and after its use I have fre-
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The treatment by diaphoresis is highly to be recommended where
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in advanced general cancerous infection, and where cancer has arisen
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have met with that illustrates the action of arayl in laryngeal spasm is
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Professor of Zoology in the I^atural History Museum of Rouen,
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in those cases only in which the growth protruded, so as to become
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ease of the heart and lungs, or on degeneration of the kidneys, of the
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That the present investigation made in a region where M. ludlowii
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occasionally been found. The proportion of white blood-corpuscles
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merce are so seldom free from a disagreeable gas-like odor, entirely foreign