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Sir Hew of Eglinton was knighted 1342, married 1348 Agnes More, daughter of the late

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into the bowels, there is always decided improvement, and so long

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On the verso of the last fly-leaf, in a XVII. -XVIII. Cent. French hand : 5. | Epistre d'Hermeti

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ble contributions to medical as well as to general science. Besides

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Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence in

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The function of the liver, whatever it may be, we regard as of

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19. Le mandat de main-forte et le télémandat* (22 juill.

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The monthly form of the Recorder is a great improvement on the old quarterly

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Remarks : Inserted loose at the beginning is a slip of paper inscribed in an XVIII. Cent.

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pus of good quality issued from beneath the bone. The patient

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Re??iarks : This MS. belonged to the Royal Library of Philip II., to whom it was presented

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after ; pain was felt in diminishing amount until the loth ; the mass in the

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a révélé un certain nombre de problèmes graves. C'est à la suite des conclusions de

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or below the clavicles, and small doses of the tartrate of antimony with

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in the course of the limb. The expedient was attended with high-

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by any remedy when there has been weak and rapid pulse, trem-

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surface on the epigastrium to the size of a dollar, and apply a grain

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[rubric] | O [gilt initial with floral ornament and gestures extending along upper and inner

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fédéral de préparer une législation d'ensemble sur l'expérimentation biomédicale non

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usual method of rectification and delivery. I am convinced

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23. Les critères de détermination de la mort* (1979)

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is in any way contra-indicated, recourse must be had to inunction

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at longer intervals. Nothing, however, more specific has been offer-

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knowledge which renders the surgeon's skill and address success-

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On iii, 4 r°. a XV. Cent, hand has : P [rubricated initial] arce michi domine 2° fo Pro

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ous, than the opinions which generally prevail about debility and the

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when it will be found that a murmur, which was barely audible in the

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ago (after the prophylactic treatment had been introduced),

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first place, our attention was soon challenged by the following facts

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Miftahu'l 'Ulum of Al Sukakl, who died 626 a.h. (1228-9 a.d.).

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Solon, upon a letter of M. Perrot, in regard to the phrenological ex-

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7. Menology, or Table of Saints' Festival Lessons, etc. : (Incomplete.)