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and also vary in number, but rarely exceed fifteen or twenty. Laminated
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and upward, sometimes as far as the second intercostal space.
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cleansing the hands. The surface of the body in the neighborhood of
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side of the penis extended over the scrotum and around the buttocks.
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the sleeplessness. Concerning the prophylactic and sanitary treatment of
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broken bone. Deformity, crepitus, shortening, and other signs will
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porary paralysis of the splanchnic area. This results in the engorge-
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tended hemorrhoidal veins, or by connective-tissue and skin, which have
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however, is usually insidious, and attended by few if any symptoms before
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there will be a murmur indicating obstruction in the left ventricle. If the
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congestion and oedema. The existence of pulmonary oedema being estab-
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the body. It is believed that this explains why some diseases run such
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structive causes which slow the current and favor accumulation of the blood
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to the reduction of temperature and supporting the patient. Eor the first,
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The latter has sometimes induced absorption of the proper glandular
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difficulty in passing it, only a few drops at a time being voided, — stran-
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by nature's forces, therefore it is of the utmost importance that a good
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have their sharp edges toward the hilus of the kidney
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in very large wounds, but it is not absorbable and of course must be
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changes, it usually invades several organs of the body simultane<msly ;
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and great depression and despair. The muscles of mastication become
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the ileo-caecal valve ; they are secondary to the changes in the intestinal
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appears in poor children, and in old men of gouty habits. The stone
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render deglutition impossible. The pharyngeal inflammation is submu-
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nioiv tlian tlu'ir noi'iiial aiiKtiiiilor liilxir. and an incrcaw in llic niiiiiln'r
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of the swollen and inflamed condition of the prostate, and because of
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ankylosis may take place in the joints. There is great wasting of the
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may break down, forming pus, caries resulting. The ossifying variety
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euemata, and the external use- of turpentine, are indicated when the simple