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pleasing language. I have often seen a child become so confused

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and patients appear sometimes to expect too much from this drug

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fifteen. The cost of medical books is almost prohibitive. About

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number of mast cells can be demonstrated in myelogenous leukaemia

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ment prevails requiring appropriate modification in the treatment.

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Charities a report was made to the Council and then to the

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separation of surgery from the other branches of medicine. He

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made between the Royal Agricultural Society and the Brown Institu

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Muskeln und Nerven die klinisch als Dermatomyositis imponierte Ztschr. f.

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the onset of mechanical contraction. The reasons for this seem to be

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diuretic effects of cantharides may not depend upon that admin

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Castration is said to have a beneficial action in some cases.

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tle grains of tobacco which had been forced into the tympanum

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