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7. Whipple, G. H., Stone, H. B., and Bernheim, B. M., /. Exp. Med., 1913, xvii,

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tinued the injection of ^ grain doses for 3 months. Should, from any

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idly to perhaps no° or 112° F. ; the pulse may reach 160,

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condition like delirium tremens, and become utter Avrecks physically and

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('■}) Intestinal hemorrhage, perforation and relapse,

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week, and during this time took cod-liver oil. He left the hospital feel-

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seroprevalence in Southern Japan (Letter). Lancet 1989; 2:979

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Every medicine," said Le, "produces its effect mecbani-

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rosion in speaking of the esophagus and stomach, unless sim-

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Stripping off the capsule of the kidney is found to cause the same

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place assigned to it in one or other of the compartments of the

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exception should be made of cardiac and vascular disease. Patients with

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these cases, but the dilatation of the supei-ficial abdominal

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and the operation was performed too late to save life ; this

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Typhoid fever. Dysentery. Cholera. Malaria. Yellow fever. Gon-

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in the legs, etc., in consequence of the laborious nature of his em-

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Crude carbolic acid applied accidentally over a large part of the skin

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originated at this time and from this beginning. On

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thirty-two cases of acute lobar pneumonia, and nine cases in which

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culous environment beginning sometime after the protective iri^

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pressive gestures, which prove that behind this inco-

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which the physician has in vain attempted to relieve. He has taught

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Haven County Anti-Tuberculosis Association, where a sana-

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against the people of the place. In passing groups of guests,

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5, large ketone bodies, and no glucose, cells, or crystals. A

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esting results. For instance, when the occurrence of tuberculosis

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hemoglobin; more often bile pigment. The bone marrow is red.

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for tallying, and the results were fed back to all the pur-

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work, for the good of the insane. The principles of the Scotch law

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etc. Inadvisedly ! With whom would he have eclectics advise?

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monic)," and had her removed at once in the Rathniines

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and Rokitansky, in regard to the pathological anatomy of the

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request of either of the medical examiners of said county, perforin all

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in fact. The condition is that of the extreme form of mitral

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best and most reliable and constant of diuretics in the treatment of anasarca

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tant measure, in all these cases, is to restore the general health of the

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tarsal-phalangeal joint by the production of a pocket of fluid meant

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band was applied, and coaptation splints around the seat of

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are ai)t to follow paroxysms of cough. Hiccough has been noted in the

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