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Similar changes are occurring in other professions too

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Glioma usually occurs in the white substance of the brain where it

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pressibility of the media.. The ruptures in the optic nerve are to

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large size and the glandular tissue is in great part firm yellow

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clay filaria acari infectious diseases. Symptoms closed lids epiphora

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ledge or attention may allow deformity to result from it especially

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tion will be briefly described when discussing the treat

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The next annual meeting of the American Roentgen Ray So

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abortive treatment of syphilis the speaker thought it was

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thus of value. Post catarrhal and influenzal neuralgia the miserable

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nitz King and Sprunt. The autopsies are made in the

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principal stories in the centre are eighteen feet nine inches.

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ought not to be permitted to have charge of them or to

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of Elberfeld mentions a ease of functional palpitation which was

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have disappeared. These areas stain faintly as compared with the

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gen des Gehirus bei Cysticercus racemosus. Beitrdge zur

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but they are seldom useful and although the warm bath might appear

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heart. These congenital lesions are nearly always on

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remedy I ask you what remedy applied with a swab can