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discharged, except that such ought to be made to suffer for enlisting
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Translated : Mix, and let there be made powder 1 ; dis-
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of taste is .simultaneous with that of sraell, in the act of eating,
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they report verbally, or otherwise, at each meeting of the Society, and
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dissolved in diluted sulphuric acid, boiled with animal char-
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which they will lie pleased to fonvai-d to any regular physician who is wilhng to report upon
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pericardium when the aorta was cut — clot very firm and tenacious.
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tics settle the question beyond a doubt, and in a way directly contrary
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terminations of the intestinal inhibitory nerve (splanchnic),
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small animals ; in emulsion with gum, or in bland oil, to the
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The same dose may be given to either dogs or cats of equal weight.
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acid, 300, and water to remove ash. Result filtered and residue on
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pense and two at the expense of Mr. Sargent, and are intended as
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mer. Dr. lienjamiii Chandler, has kindly furnished us with the following
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absence of inflammation,]: for the slightest inflammatory action is
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steadied by an attendant with the assistance of a " twitch "
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The other kidney presented the same appearances oxtornally, and
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We are, indeed, incapable of understanding how this can be. It
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nal, 145 ; do. left inguinal, 136; other kinds of hernia, 47 ; injury to