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sideration of the subject, it has appeared to them to be expedient
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who(»piug cough in infancy and chicken-pox after slto wa» 1^ She wa£r>
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After two or three days a kccoikI fover paroxysm occurs. About the
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was attacked with violent pain in the region of the right kidney.
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The College, on motion, adjourned to the house of Dr. Hodge,
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the polyglot accomplishments of these young gentlemen
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letters on the page, headache, nausea, and pains in the eyes. In Meniere's
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which the body was susceptible, were not classified
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These were present both in the subfascial layers and in the abdominal muscles.
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regular avenue of infection. This conclusion suggests that prophy-
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ed by the use of Picric acid and its antidote the Sulphate of Magne-
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in motion ; forehead and temples warm ; cheeks cool ; extremities
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bulum ; these spasmodic symptoms continued for about fifteen min-
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was considerable trouble with contamination of the medium, but with the tech-
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of New York was the first one to respond. He said: One
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intensity of the phenomenon of absorption is seen, as it has the
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softer. The tubercular lesions are becoming very small.
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Sera of Non-Syphilitic Individuals Suffering with Other Infections. —
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of observing cultures obtained from many different laboratories, and find that
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to himself or those around him. During the paroxysm of delirium the
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Dr. J. Farrish mentions his case as a still more striking instance
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Gliomiitii of the brain. See Cerebral tuinorM, loai.
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to be widely infiltrated by the large lymphoid hemocytoblasts, which
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these chains are protoplasmatic processes containing the pigment
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The small joints of the body are most frequently affected, and of these
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in the ancient literature of India. In these days of trumpet-
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Dr. Emersoit tendered his resignation as the Committee on Me-