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gaged in laying out the bodies of persons who had died of

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in Dublin included 12 which were referred to the principal zymotic

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and Dr. Muephy discussed the case. — Dr. Hume read a paper

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on Saturday, April 2!)th, in a state of collapse. A post-mortem

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The first occurred in a boy aged 12. The separation of the

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right. In the left cul-de-sac a tense elastic swelling could be

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sary to allude to it here further than to repeat that I have

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appointed to the medical charge of the Cantonment General Hospital at

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able hypothesis (as 1 mentioned a moment before operating)

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(A) Mr. D. Ainsley, Halifax; A. S. V. G. ; R. Ackerley, M.B., Ash-

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the " martyrs," who he explained " were renewed from year

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insky goes so far as to say "from all the hundredweights of

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.51 deaths from cholera have occurred at torient on the north-westerBi

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" All things considered, the conclusion is well established that one

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X. sends to D. and a^ks him to attend : he explains that having been in

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too concentrated vapour;" and he cites the post-mortem ap-

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tion or to rescind the resolution, took a heavy responsibility; and

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(A. W, Anderson, M.B., CM., Assistant Medical OfBcer.>

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its retained secretion. Of course it was conceivable that the

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had found that the letter which liad been published by the

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alike, has the opinion been expressed that it would be for the

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She complained of sore throat. On January 31st diphtheria

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assimilation, which causes them (as by increasing the

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by the establishment of a Chair of History, and inexpedient because such

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(representing the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland), Brigade-

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Roche, R. A. Cameron, J. J. A. Sherry, W. Daly, R. Fox, D. M. Burn-

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pratique, subject to the right of the local authorities to impose

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read a letter from SirJosepli Lister, requesting subscriptions

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utmost to secure his re-election. After some further dis-

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■' TherapeiUische Monatshefle, 1887, 380, Zur klinischen Diagnostik der

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attended patients during their last illness, they were bound

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logically, and is connected with the enormous intensity of

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said that her mother had not looked so well for some years ;

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ment, is promoted to be Surgeon-Colonel, March 1st. IHe was appointed

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was a large boss over the dorsal region of the spine, extend-

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visit again in the evening if it is requisite: by this means the services

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in researches for the advancement of medicine and the allied

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important in this country.' A well-arranged and well-man-

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universities, and that dentists should be ;iccorded by law academic

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and two waterclosets on the other. Small windows opening

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tion, and that for the first four years the appointments should

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meeting of this Society a paper was read on the " Mean