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moderate doses. If the feeble and irregular pulse indicates that the
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his own experience and study of stati.stics in this
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certain cases a fact that we are inclined to lose sight of
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submitting it to the action of continuous steaming for
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has been indicated and actually carried out to know when the time has
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laryngeal muscles which is evidently dependent upon interruption of nerve
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Almost every species of treatment has been had recourse to in order
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quence. That vicious circle of which these two sets
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any direct influence on the ulcerated surface may be open to question
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Laura V. Jones services as stenographer and transcript of investiga
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being rendered humid by the evaporation of hot water. The patient s
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out patient was very septic. In the next few cases operated on
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by a fistulous communication of the intestines with
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especially when if feeble or absent it reappears after cough and the
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ward Clark of Buffalo. Communications regarding pa
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UgieUUion. I cite this in order to show that we thus
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Hospital Senior Surgeon to the Lock Hospital and Asylum lt fec. Lomion .
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until the evening of November th when the medical attendant asked me
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ble to produce these tumors through injection of their cystic
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sented before the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. November
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presence in unusual numbers to be of some value for the diagnosis of
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breasts that are hard through the curdmg of their milk it
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From the remarks on flatulence we extract the following
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rodent ulcer amongst the epitheliomata Forster however
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lost sight of him and suppose he has left the neighborhood.
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the difference that the caliber of the glass tube in
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about two minutes and similar alterations are observed in leucocytes
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the outer rod of the splint as by a distinct attachment
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rhage when the pains were well on the patient desired to pass
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enabled to heal a severe bromide rash while continuing the
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can be wafted out of the peritoneal cavity into the genital tract.
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Finally it was thoroughly removed. Unavoidably some of the
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