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The Supreme Court of Nebraska holds, in the case of Coad vs.
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usuallv applied, and then an emollient cataplasm ; and M. Baudens feels con-
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revolver. A large stream of blood spouted from the wound, and in fifteen minutes his
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agree with the digestion, salol or salicylate of bismuth may be tried.
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This patient, aged 46, has had psoriasis ever since she was 10 years
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Dr, I^-eJand : I can not reconcile these facts. I did not understand
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of elastic tissue. Lung stones are infrequent. The presence of actino-
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three in breadth, and two in thicknes'^. and had a pedicle attaciied to one
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when I ordered him a grain pill of opium. This had the de-
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decomposition in the form of hydrated carbonic acid gas,
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These symptoms usually last a week, but the attack may last only three
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Hospital, after which he repaired to Vienna to complete
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Ibrption of the fpirit of turpentine , but as the fmali limits of a
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Lunatic Asylum, whose name is intimately associated with this
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objectionable features of the book, its other qualities so
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Etiology. — The disease is contagious, but direct inocula-
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Next in importance to the recognition of a poison, its
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than one tentli of a grain for the Avhole. There Avas also
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This last section was subsequently repealed by laws of
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hoarseoosH; Hpasmodic attackH of coughing (of tho oharncter of
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Regius Professor of Medicine and thtee persons who have
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will probably be in the pyloric portion. Although, as a general rule,
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it would seem that on occasion dilatation may occur; one of the
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was very tense and small, the symptoms were very urgent, and
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year) cholera was still general in the eastern epidemic area, univer-
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The following exceedingly interesting case* has been reported by Bech-
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ed every second or third day if the swelling or inflammation
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off in the number of beats. The sweat glands were aroused to activity
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the health officer, but confirm the conclusions arrived at from an
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hemorrhage and manipulation, the effect of hot water
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obstinate constipation, being sometimes eight or ten days without a stool,
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velopment of our image of distance. 1 Nevrol. Vestnik,
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during four consecutive years, in Orangeburg and the adjoining districts. The