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plained of an uneasy fulness and tension in the abdomen ;

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Officer i/c Canadian Section of Plastic Surgery, 2nd May, 1919.

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oured member of the medical profession. Y'our committee offer the fol-

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an industrial and social adjustment, and get along with-

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that which first flows from the breast, or is from the nearly

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our profession is too often disgraced. I.ike many others of his class.

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forty, then it is justifiable to remove or resect the

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He was also a Censor of the Society for many years, and one

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gradually reducing the temperature of the bag from 20 to 40 .

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ing. At this stage of the disease the mouth improved. When

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1. Drill. See Fract. ;nid Disluc. nth ed.. p. 72

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blood-vessels were seen included as if in a sheath, and the new formation of blood-vessels coula

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c I). Ilclliri, Arrh. f. expcr. Palh. u. Pharmakol., Leipzi<,s 1897, 40, p. 121.

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Fig. 2 was found. The prolapsed mucosa of the appendix pro-

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(b) Open Air Experiment with Tuberculous Cattle," Dr. J.

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The occurrence of haemorrhage after intranasal operations may prove

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know and think that we think. Although our whole system undergoes

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tional action of the large glandular organs, and restores

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bioplast, which is the common germ alike of epithelial cells

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has made this difficult decision no longer necessary. In 1978,

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tion (Armanni); necrosis of epithelium (Ebstein), fatty degeneration (Fichtner);

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the vertebral column, for. a- he himself says, the work

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it by riot and excess but through a blind credulity they fool-

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can cause disulfiram reaction when taken with alcohol

of the effects in connexion with the patients, taken as an aggregate, to

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phate of lime, administered at the end of meals, permits digestion, increases the

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in 2.2 per cent., and at autopsy was found in 5.1 per cent, of 973. As

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ever, be followed. The first dose with every case should be half

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mucous membrane or not (he says himself that he did not) it

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Eoux, Selander, starting with a culture of the swine-pest bacillus of 1888,