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When operative procedure is indicated, the vulva and vagina
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bled early and the spine cupped and blistered. In this case
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the exigencies of military life impose duties upon him the satisfac-
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united efforts of a handful of men, against one of the most formidable
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radical means. It follows, naturally, if these tissues be re-
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spaces, loss of respiratory sounds, etc., etc. In this case the
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from the normal to guide us, and no observation upon his urine
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monico's, and returned late at night to find all in bed. So wholly was he engrossed
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cough developed that progressively worsened. A week
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friend in all difficulties and troubles of the home." And
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He supported his contention by a letter from Joseph Black, dated
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in one case, while a third and a fourth lasted two months. All
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examination of twenty sets of ovaries obtained post-mortem. Dr.
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mode of argumentation is to be found than the para-
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should be cut across as shown in the description of the inguinal operation.
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brospinal meningitis 11, erysipelas 11, scarlet fever 19, whoop-
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ceding days, there had not been any escape births were only one-half as many as the
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gr< E. M. Omnem facile et satis impune fert aeris
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patient is thoroughly out of the anaesthetic, while in acute
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his name. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and
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ing officer should never be restricted, though, of course, the man who
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idation of salineii in Cholera, Dr. Stevens warmly insists upon their
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preparations a day in connection with red blood-corpuscle af^jrlutina-
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of soda ; at first litmus paper is not reddened by the liquor, but on