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or less of the spasmodic element, and when it has reached its climax the

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Death may result from fatty heart, pulmonary oedema, acholia, apo-

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sitic origin of diphtheria regard the micrococci as the starting-point of the

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be propped- about the limb. Before efforts at reduction are made, the

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comfort of the patient, but also the successful issue of the case. It is of

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There is a rare variety of glossitis which does not invade the deeper struct-

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Immoptyxis" (bleeding from gums, pharynx, etc., as from bad teeth) may

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larger tubes there is little danger, but sometimes suddenly and insidiously

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l^ew murmurs are developed, or, if murmurs existed prior to the occurrence

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Bird Trapping and Snaring. By W. Cabkxoib ('* Moorman'*).

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clothes, until profuse perspiration is induced and the excretory power of

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termitting pulse, accompanied by the general symptoms of systemic and

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does to perform many of the major operations. A nice approximation

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On microscopical examination it will be seen that the diminution

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Etages with the four weeks of the disease. During tiie tirst week thev are

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As soon as the cholera discbarges undergo decomposition, the bacillus is

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Morbid Anatomy. — The amount of fluid present in ascites may vary from

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pubes or a median or lateral lithotomy or lithotrity. By lithotrity is

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the wound and which later have become invaded by the granulation-

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apparent cause. It maybe produced by disease of the teeth, «r of the maxil-

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cleansing the hands. The surface of the body in the neighborhood of

phenazopyridine 200 mg tabs

hot, the patient drowsy or restless in his sleep, moaning and grinding his

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diminished pulmonary resonance in lobular pneu:nonia is not easily distin-

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Purulent infiltration has symptoms that differ but slightly from those

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Symptoms. — The symptoms are either the physical signs of a turner, or of