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call for special forms of treatment. Up to the present time there is
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nitely endemic character. At present it is a common infection
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it to be, then will its neutralization be effected, its irritative property
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pare for them different kinds of lymph, more or less
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does not of itself necessarily mean that the glucose is actually utilized
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story brick building, built on the barracks plan, with accommodation
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varies from that of a hazel-nut to that of a child's head.
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course such energetic treatment should be undertaken only by a
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obliged to occupy a room separate from his former fellow-work-
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either one or both of the tubes. The persistence of this infection of
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nally, the animal makes great efforts to evacuate the rectum, and
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sprinkling can, get your hogs in a close place and give
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third, herds in which both the hog-cholera bacillus and the swine-plague
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its constancy by attributing the origin of the disease to ulceration
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dress. Lea Brothers & Co., publishers, Philadelphia and ISTew York.
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thus again freeing the blood vessels. However, it is still a debatable
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nerves and muscles, because a definite affection of one or other of those
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rete mucosum, which is characterised by excessive proliferation of its
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is the size in square feet which each inlet should be open.
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On a naked, gravelly hillside. Centennial, June 9. 1895 (No.
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tuberculosis in man, the rarity of its si)reading to theoracic or ab-J
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tically no normal glandular tissue remained. The cut surface was
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either that of the hemispherical or the conoidal-topped front would
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maladies. He ascribes them to auto-intoxication, and divides them
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T he birthday card has a large duck on the front and a
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he thought, very carefully distinguished from those with
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schools. This is shown in the table of ages (Fig 15) of 800 consecutive
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question of primary amp'itation was for a time entertained. In
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Hammond, G. M. Case of congenital absence of the faculty of
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eral than in methods of cure. But this does not seem to
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Koch's organism was the first to be described, they are called mouse
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tion of red is absent ; next comes the loss of green ;
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be answerable for this disease then the cure must be
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with a little tincture of capsicum or with a little salt added,