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greater than that of a quarter of a century ago. The

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first vertebra, but I think I have shown evidence sufficient to prove that

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the inflammation did not succeed in passing. 46 Blisters have some-

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The patient is convalescing rapidly. The wounds are

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course, but from the almost complete absence of haemorrhages from the

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several ways. The air may be so full of some other gas that the proper

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Microscopists of Germany have entered into an arrangement, by which,

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the plastic skill of the late Mr Annandale to have made flaps from

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radial pulse may be regular or irregular. The cause for the failure of

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the eyes of her king among men. True love is always humble and

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the box, it should be at once removed, and the quantity at

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and above all, expensive in the lives and health of

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through the conjunctivae. Hands and fomites probably play a very

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injuries are identical in nature though not in severity, and

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when the parts involved could be readily reached, as,

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system appears to have been of later growth, and owed its long-

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medical inspectors. He had read the report of a recent

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chiefly used. In foetid ulcers, he first thoroughly destroys the foetor by careful

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resorting to the external use of diuretics in cases in which there are

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matriculate for graduation upon the same footing as men.

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of the jejunum passing up anteriorly to a very short, scanty omentum

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cancer of the uterus, whether the disease is cervical or

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words — I think there can be no doubt that the iodide

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