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men can be found who more rigidly and tenaciously adhere

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which ended in disease of the nervous sys- the fact remains that the sum total of dis-

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the instant application of " elastic extension " in all ap-

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I have remarked a weak and phlegmatic habit ; an enfeebled,

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Anopheles. — The palpi in the female are of nearly the same length as

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to enter into any contract whatsoever with any insurance com-

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arrangement which limits the function of the facial nucleus to so few of

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region, which "preside " over the uterus and its appendages, the excitement proceeds

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6. Irritation of the respiratory tract, producing not only

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its eflFect secured, imd the morphia withdrawn in five

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impossible to me to believe that I have ever been in so un-

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you’ve got a question, chances are they’ll know

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lower part of rectum slightly so. Washed out womb ; two or more

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carbonate (four grains) and given in an emulsion every

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committee on epizootic abortion, London, 1909, pt. 1.

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The application of external heat, wet or dry, frictions and

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period of nearly four months over which we have travelled, the

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licensing board recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edin-

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Accommodation beiGesuuden und Anisometropen. Ibid.,

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symptoms of concussion or contusion, though this is not invariable.

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If treated in this stage, the fever may never develop, but if neglected,

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possible place one could select for operating, for as the tumour

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of potassium, M. Melsens causes his patients to take a

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iiu-nt iiniilifH »{roiit injury to the i-hihl. Dr. Wiiit.-r (" Vicrtoljiihr-

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the family rutacese, the pilocarpus pinnatus, growing in the province

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have drawn together distant empires. It is no wonder, therefore,

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small intestine. 4. Elimination, or secretion and excretion, is

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The toxic condition due to simple anuria, when there is suppression

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bleeding: the ingestion of shed blood in humans. Am J

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peutics, " it cannot be long before the profession will de-

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abdomen ; sometimes the nervous membrane of the stomach

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symptoms occur. Post-neuritic optic atrophy and amblyopia without

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diagnosis between poisoning by iodoform and true tuberculous

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made to do more thinking and thus better work for his patients

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to the best way to deal with these cases. He considered that

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service of the tanners, and the really ignoble position of the

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the fact that the Colleges had thrown over the Society of