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highly probable that any children born subsequently may become similarly

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1. Benjamin, Arthur E. : Uterine prolapse: selecting the

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decades, has received universal pediatric recognition. No carbohy-

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quently demand the greater operation. Other cases will also

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arm alter the operation and the patient died two days

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Goldman, Steven Alan. Associate Professor of Neurology mt2

Chairman. The minutes of the last meeting were then

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bowels. A persistent neglect to obey nature when she calls

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Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of every owner of sheep or other party in this Ter-

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effect upon the mind, the question occurs whether each of the

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Breen saw with me, this effect was produced in a striking

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the south side of the island, we shall proceed to notice

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legs be cold, bandages will be of advantage. Do not put

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a floating body of traumatic origin and short dura-

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introduced a catheter, and drew off a gallon of bloody fluid.

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than twenty years; leaving 16 J per cent, only of men above twenty years of service.

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She bad been taking arsenic most of the time since her illnen

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Avas present. The sphincters were normal. The specific gravity of the

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in wet land, by the sides of brooks; it has a stalk that

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shoeing, botany, pharmacy, materia medica, theory and prac-

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circulation, and probably of the blood, also lead to a similar pro-

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Curtis did, some year or so since, — that it is the best Botanic Periodical

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Fio. 58.— Fibrosarcoma, recurrent after 3 operative removals ; cured by x-rays, and no

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large cities, for otherwise it would be imjDOssible to fill the veteri-

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statement of the therapeutic applications of nitro-

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investigation has done for the subject. Although we can agree