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Europe during the eighteenth century ; and not only these, but

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the best forms, for administering an article, which has hitherto

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by some urticaria papulosa — a term which is very fairly distinctive ;

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Aneurysm of the coronary arteries of the heart is certainly to

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ing, he offers as a possible cause of the symptoms in the cases

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wholly on the amount of feed it can assimilate, or the

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period subsides, leaving chronic conditions of pain and stiffness of

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^ "The Cachexia of Cancer. " Edln. Med. Journ., 1897, vol. i. p. 608.

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regard to the efficacy of vaccination against smallpox by the use of

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for determining the temperature of the expired air.

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viously described/ using 0.001 c.c. of a four-hour-old broth culture to inocu-

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would withdraw its countenance from it, and either destroy it or leave it

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remained an area of normal colored skin where the hat band had been

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usefulness of further treatment has not been demonstrated

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same wine when neutralised failed to kill the bacilli in six and a half

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horses, colts even, who have what the dealers call ' knots' in their

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is formed in a wound under its influence," while, in a still more

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in the Engadin, which boasts of entire immunity, who had never lived at a

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This may be made by sprinkling the powdered Tartrate of

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A fresh theory, and one supported by considerable evidence,

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caused by spasm of the circular muscles of the minute bronchi, the contraction

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The table below, although including but few cases, gives the statistics of

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These concretions are most frequently met with in diseases

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women in whom by history and careful examination evidences of gon-

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have the property of S})ontaneous coagulation, and yet should not

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or frequent hot sponge baths, always judiciously given

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times a day, and nitrate of potassa and chlorate of potassa

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the eggs into a bowl with the sugar and salt, and beat until well mixed but

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except that he had forgotten all events up to his re-awakening in

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of Hobavt Keese, M.D., of the Class of 1855. The income of the

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mission of the Author, and edited by Edward Law, M.D.,

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be developed from a plastic exudation, not only the above named simple