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Venereal disease?, new treatment of. By A. A. Isard, M.D 153
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the patient being ended, as a rule, by some intercurrent disease ; though
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dura mater, it will be observed that the pia arachnoid is thickened over
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generally at the weakest part ; and hence the variety of the
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one time had a patient some two miles distant, about
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without any knowledge of the dangerous possibilities attending them.
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ert, by increasing combustion in the removal of certain morbid
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thropologist Kenneth Oakley asserted 70 years ago in his influ-
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various therapeutic procedures had given ; and of drawing up on the
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36. Cohn JN, Johnson G, Ziesche S, et al: A comparison of enalapril with
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sharply with the normal tissue. They may be uniform in appearance or
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canal adjusting itself to the change in food. The danger
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remained an area of normal colored skin where the hat band had been
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Associate Professor of Medical Psychology; Lecturer in Psy-
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visible signs. Finally, syntax disappeared from the words;
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corn-fed lot. The results were sufficient to show that
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the Department, but so conducted as to indicate the ability of the candidate to
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the blood, or a clot in one of the heart's cavities giving rise to an
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some twenty-four hours longer with complete recovery. I have
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soon disappear. I have not found this to be the case in my
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tion, and for a time the criteria depended upon in considering the purity
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fat, which must be cut into small dice, and fried for the pur-
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to an infected ship, or of those who have merely visited such a vessel ;
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further interesting as illustrating a point which Dr. Jane way
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and definite statement that alcohol, in their opinion, was a
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ing reposts of Medical Societies and Hospitals, Editorials, Kevlewa, Cor-
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