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committee is composed of about 25 physicians, nurses, social workers, administrators, clergy,

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fields without discomfort, in a waj^ she had been unable to do for twenty

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when to add a lubricator to all the various parts subject to friction.

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liours, or a very short time at least," before submitting to amputation,

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that I saw the true principles on which lolihe fetor entirely disappeared, the wounds

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that the hair of Marie Antoinette and Mary Queen of

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This form maintains itself pretty uniformly in given areas, so

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vary with the climate and time of year when gathered. Some

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but the irritating character of its coagula ; that this may be avoided to some

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the effect of the climate, and to test home grown seed,

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fever, Boston two, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Cin-

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hold of another part of the polypus with another pair of forceps, and thus the

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18'72.] HoLDEN, Successful Treatment of Asthma. Stl

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into the brook. From two of these pipes are discharged

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tion of bile. The bile helps to emulsify fats, stimulates the intestinal

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inflammable and explosive qualities. Carbon bisulphid volati-

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peroxide of hydrogen. The animal made a full recovery in

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per week, according to situation. Single rooms from

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/;/ other cases^ though rare, the symptoms are less pro-

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of obstetrics known as Queen's College, connected with the Royal College

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liter (160 mg per dl). There is a continuum of increasing

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application of an ointment of oleate of zinc ; the wash is to be

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the face appears sunken and pale, the features expressionless, the extremities

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I do not hesitate to reckon this case as an example of amyloid

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James Burke Berry, Jr., Box 342, Latta, South Carolina.

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("New York Medical Journal," Jidy 26, 1884) agrees that

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digitalization and diuretic therapy, propranolol therapy should be immediately withdrawn: b)

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number of forceps hanging from the wound at the close of