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participating New Jersey physicians who make P.A.C.E. possible.
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authorities are now following up all poliomyelitis cases and
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A man was admitted to the Johns Hopkins Hospital who 5 years
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In hospitals we have more largely to do with organic
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four inches diameter, arranged on the well-known principle of the
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But as my intention is not to give a history of this instrument, I
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were injected with the remedy, and shortly afterwards
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and was the subject of much controversy. On looking back, we
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aconite and hyosciamus, which are prepared from undried
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alike, of many kinds, can produce the change in the skin which Besnier
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The application of the stronger solutions of potash, one part to two
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that when mixed with air, this gas produces a more or less active excitement of the respira-
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belief that others are as well informed on their special
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Creatinin Elimination, Jour. Biol Chem., 1914, 19, 239.
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The diameter of the skin destroyed is about one-fourth or one-
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urine, excitement, spasms of the muscles of the croup,
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The essayist concluded his very interesting address
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bercle bacilli which are sharply and permanently differentiated
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far and underrate a means of instruction, which may
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trachea and the base of the tongue, and its upper opening is closed
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Hernia of the Lung demands the following treatment:
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have been the cause of nearly all his diseases and of his great
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face of thorax, apjiarently due to hy)3eramia of ves-
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On January 20 the patient was ordered stimulants owing to
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of a hospital patient who for a long time has been striving to get
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mixtures the only consequences of the "popular" medical