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this not unfrequently in the most perfunctory manner. Even in

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described the embryo is formed in utero, and very generally the vitelline

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during life. To appreciate the wonderful lubricating prop-

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study of one branch almost synonymous with that of the other.

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and it is quite symmetrical. She has a habit of frequently sucking

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bed; but whether this proceeded from a paralysis ot' the sphincfe

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ation. Various mucous surfaces take on increased action at

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enormously more rapid rate than those of Eberth which they crowd out,

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was suffering from extreme cachexia. On admission, he stated that

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one mill may be levied to finance a mosquito control

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will also deprave the judgment as well as the digestioii*

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mind, again the litter hauls will be reduced. Those who have seen,

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Island, by which if insane he can be transferred to the

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G. R. Pray {American Gynecology, October, 1902) says that

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often insanitary, and while he is the subject of the

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p^id upon one or more of several factors, such as consti-

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water settles at the bottom ; 111 as it heats, it grows

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The local exciting causes of spavin are sprains of the liga-

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the matrix, which some physicians call the hemoiThoids of

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effect.^ It is true that the sense of smell is not affected by malaria,

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(3) A longitudinal incision may be used and should be just long

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