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Physiology, the time now occupied in teaching is more than three
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ignorant use of diuretic balls, improper food — such as
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Pathogenic Bacterja.-Of the various forms of pathogenic microorgan-
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internally and subcutaneously. The author is reserved
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nodules which were about four months old. He hoped to find
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places the root ends in the maxillary sinus or obliterates a patho-
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head ; general convulsions ; incontinence of urine ; albuminuria ;
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I add here a tabular statement of the number of cases and
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relief they have obtained. It is in bad cases of piles,
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the form of an epidemic, although for a while confined exclusively to
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pressure on the perineum will actually tend to increase the uterine action, and
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ear. A recent writer suggests that the cerebral symptoms of pneumonia
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nually shown a decrease with the exception of the year 1911 when
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the advent of returning respiration. A tracheotomy tube was
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flaps are to be chosen in preference to skin flaps."
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seventy-two years of age, he wrote his single volume
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tainty concerning the mode of transmission of M leprae . 6
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