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the ancients were always right, and to criticise and test

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Clysters. — For colic of all kinds, take warm ■water of

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in the uterine wall at the tender spot, not necessarily of large size,

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eighteen years, and the pressure on its walls of hard bone-like

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teristic about it to distinguish it from pneumonia occurring in

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in the exclusion of all those cases in which transmission of bovine

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complaint began six months before his ^slt to the dispensary. He said

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apartment should be provided in all cases. The ad^^ocates of the rapid

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dry, apply harness dressing as previously described.

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should be attributed to these sources alone, for accidents will

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595 705 e. Entomologist. Vols. 1-23. Lond. 1840-90.

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been a readily explicable, if not creditable, reluctance on the part of some

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quated and threadbare, and is dismissed with the single suggestion,

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examination of the rectum, but discovered nothing as far as we could

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In cases of this description, as in all medico-legal consultations,

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chill ; the more severe the gathering, the longer the chill lasts. Sharp,

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vessels, with or without extravasation of blood cells ; the exuded