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rising above the seas of ignorance and prejudice, she will shine

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This condition is caused by repeated attacks of lymphangitis.

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than a lack of fresh air and exercise. Young children should,

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discharge fluid and heal, and fresh ones appear and go through

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spasmodic contraction of the uterus, and in those cases where

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Estimating the total quantity of phosphates passed in

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between each gorging period the tick falls to the ground,

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dents. We find that meutiou is still made of the tox-

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interprovincial reciprocity are entirely separate questions, and should

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nia. Among 2,655 collected cases it occurred in 10 (0.37 per cent.). The

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a young man who has the characteristics of either of

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no method to measure the twist. Parker and Shat- liave necks of the same obliquity. In many of the

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under the impression that he had disease of the heart.

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In 1878 Dr. Rockwell said he had read a preliminary

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gentleman the vital volume or the vital capacity. Now the vital

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f. Bakteriol. u. Parasitenk., Jena, 2. J., v. 3 (18), pp. 553-557; (19), pp. 585-

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ity. When, therefore, the picture of the normal spe-

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tliere were thirty-nine sacs, each containing a calculus.

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licensed physicians shall have the right to practice obstet-

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the tubes either of the cortical or pyramidal portion, or of

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and knees — and in Dr. Little's case on the cheeks.

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example, there is no apparent reason why certain tumors of the thyroid,

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by some acid, as say by one fluid ounce of good white

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