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the nostrils, or just inside the nasal fossae either on the anterior part of the
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bility obstructs its own motions, or it will remove the whole tissue. In
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Air act of incorporation having beea obtained from the General Asseaa*
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some interest, it is one that requires great enthusiasm in the cause of
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afterwards from absorption of an excessive amount of secretion, which has
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In some instances the symptoms have been those of heart failure rather
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reflects much credit on the author. Nothing short of a spirited discourse
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results have followed any of these operations to warrant their repetition.
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base of his tongue, on the left side. The movements of this organ were
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graphy from the hand of Bewick himself. As only a few medical boob,
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and attenuation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, the fatty
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fore not attributable to disease of the ear itself, but to some disturbing agent
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expire. At such a moment, imagine yourselves, gentlemen, de6cient in
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(i.) Local nerve-pressing. — After the nerve has been located it may be operated
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every way calculated Tar relier and permanent restoration to health. When this instrument is care-
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that the disease is situated in the internal ear. A low-pitched, dull,
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sometimes seen at birth ; it is certainly often associated with the occurrence
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as the edges remain in the callous and undermined condition before
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I! been filled by distinguished men, extensively known for their talents and
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tainly unequalled. It consists in taking the transparent health); cornea
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Perspiration. — The skin generally feels warm and moist, and the skin
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care now taken in factories where mercury is used, and the greater dis-
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and between the alveoli. Thence it passes directly into the lymphatic
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} eluded, since the treatment, that she was affect^ with a real diabetes;
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of both external and internal tunics. This was attributed by the patient
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hour or two divest themselves of these words, and consider j
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tbe coexistence of varicocele has been observed in several instances,
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measure in inoperable mammary cancer, and the experience gained since
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turing through the dura mater, about a gill of water was drawn off.
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power, and to obtain an active serum the animal must be endowed with the
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Me., and Woodstock, Yt., have both closed — having been unusally pros-
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This is known as the " law of prototypes," and a careful study of it enables
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which enable competent histologists to recognise them ; thu^ the two
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be strapped down. A second operator supports the patient's body, which lies
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where clove oil was added, was more rapid than in the case of glycerine
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safely delivered. Left three doses Cooke's pills, one to be taken each
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inconvenience by its size, filling the mouth and interfering with speaking and