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scientific point of view this advancement does not compare

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faith in eternal things a higher conception of all its duties and a

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described what constituted a well equipped medical school.

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to gall stones. Statistics of various observers in widely difTerent

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under the influence of heat of a change which renders the serum more

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bourhood might have injured his visual centre he was sent to an

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frequent occurrence in cases of dysentery described by physicians in

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per kilogramme the better samples may even afford ten

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it and the precautions necessary is a sine qua non for instance a

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and convincingly shows the patient that something abnormal has hap

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practice should not be allowed to prescribe until he is

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a necropsy found that large branches of vessels ac

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phenomena become identical in all parts of the nerve or muscle

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clude that if the root fibres can be regenerated in the posterior column

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on the evening of November th. Though it was generally known that his

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well cooked. Eggs lightly boiled or poached I would allow in any

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current of health become a stable part of it with results more or

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markedly improved and the patient gained in weight. He was

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prognosis usually given was a very hopeless one and seldom falsified

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tributes a cUnical study on the effect of giving levulose

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poisonous nature. Each cow drinks about twenty five gallons

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adventitia with leukocytes mostly with eosinophils but there were also a few

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After treatment consisted in changing dressing and irrigating

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malleolus and the border of the tendo Achillis and the

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abouts. No relationship can be made out either between the severity of

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Health for Professor Jones reports sixteen cases and

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more widely opened than the other for the levator palpebrae be

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facilities for the treatment of mental derangement under the con

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available for teaching and practice In the work you

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remained perfectly localized to the points touched.