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the event of war, even if their other engagements ren-
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examination showed acute pneumonic consolidation of
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action of the syphilitic virus, symptoms pointing to intracranial disease
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until after the medicine has been administered twenty four to forty-eight
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with definite uremic manifestations. He has no satisfactory theory
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being exposed to wet, and on January 21st I was called,
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1913. He had played football weekly from October till December 2.5.
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tenderness upon pressure over the knee, most marked
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both for the temperature of the season and in respect of
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16. Resection is not indicated for every case of infected hemo-
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a fine layer of cotton wool, or to dust them with the oxide of zinc.
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lectures of the two Duncans, and having had their interest
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Hip. Subperiosteal amputation at the hip-joint after hip-disease,
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not yet been satisfactorily demonstrated. Gibier, Pasteur, Chamberland,
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inoculation. In the last 2 weeks, they become emaciated and much
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After stimulating the patient with atropia, brandy,
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In no case was its hypnotic action strong enough to control
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action upon the germs of pertussis. The author is, however, of the opinion
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the first dressing on as long as possible. There must
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decent caller long waiting at their bell-pull. I cannot tell you