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hemolytic anaemia, in some cases of a profound character, bothriocephalus
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weight and stren^gth, and made the continuation of the treat-
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any of them are diseased and have hence lost some degree of their
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failure of my nervous system, giving rise to bodily ailments Ix-fore
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abscess cavity is much trabeculated, and there is but little caseation, may
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1. Alcohol is iiiuloul)tcdly u food, in the sense that its combus-
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adifcharge from the nofe, it is advifeable to feparate
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fairly early in pregnancy, you can be reasonably sure that she will have
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case. This has led to a great deal of confusion, since one frequently
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mouth is to be stopped, rectal feeding being adopted, and ice being
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fmgular advantage as a cooler, as it caufes a fecreti-
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nausea and vomiting may be initiated by stimulation of nerves in gastric
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lacerated cervix seldom or never result in cure of the pain. It is
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hard, and stupor or coma supervene, venesection should be performed,
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ftable, left by the horfe's being accuftomed to dark-
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frequent, but vary in intensity and extent, and may be altogether absent.
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both being at the present time in excellent nutritive condition. The
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of Magendie is blocked and communication between the intra-ventricular
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most liable to occur among the native crews, when bad weather, or cold
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early in the morning -, and in very warm weather they
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of appetite, and many chronical diforders, in which
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it and the found bone, whatever prevents the growth
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An acute, communicable tropical disease, with a remarkably restricted
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dicines, do not anfwer, yet when the original cauf^
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fully safcgnarded as in nrban communities. Although many forms
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the seat of inflammation in scarlet fever, measles, and certain other diseases
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dreffed up with dry lint, and over all is put a large
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3. Place a pad of cotton on the bottom ofa wide mouthed bottle of suitable
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uted in some instances to a defect in the mother's milk; in others, to an
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in order, as is faid, to mend their wind, and prevent their
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er, and others tedify -, that he has feen it given in
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Fig. 48. — Amceba coli. (a) A. clysenterke fixed and
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the process of digestion, ceasing towards the end. In other and more
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may be either an a/cites, or other water contained in
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amount. Extreme care will have to be exercised wherever con-
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expiring the air, with the result that although all the muscles of respir-
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use of the local method is an accurate knowledge of the nerve
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can be done by external applications, unlefs it be by
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When the difficulty of breathing amounts to orthopncea, as is not infrequent,
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stomach. Nervous dyspepsia may indeed be considered as one of the mani-