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ETIOLOGY. Diabetes insipidus is a disease more often found in males

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butter, which will melt in the nostril : each bougie should contain one-

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by friction with the finger, and last longer than on those parts of the

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reputation. Lettuce, spinach, sorrel, celery, and any vegetable which is

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here judiciously than in any other part of the bladder.

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turbot, in the flesh and viscera of which, according to Braun, the embryos

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appear, shortly after a blow upon the head, the probabilities of a menin-

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the abdominal wall. The adjacent peritoneum, especially that of the

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pulled bread or toast. Custards made with but little sugar or sweetened

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persistent overwhelming malarial poison. On the other hand, the negro

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peritonitis, two possibilities are especially to be anticipated : the one is

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obstruction. Many writers assign importance to weakness of the abdomi-

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very old. Certain individuals and even certain families are exceedingly

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In cases of doubt chlorosis is to be differentiated from secondary

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by nutritive enemata ; or milk and lime water should be given at short

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drachm of sodium phosphate, twenty grains of sodium bicarbonate, and

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customary to assign an etiological importance to the general causes of

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shooting along the affected nerves or fulgurant crises simulating those of

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