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decades, has received universal pediatric recognition. No carbohy-

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cases of irritable heart, pulmonary tuberculosis was found in eighty-

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that of the citron ; hence the name of wild-lemon given to it by Americans.

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development often acquire a brutelike appearance." (Vrolik.)

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and other infirmities of a cachectic nature ; also both inter-

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reaction against antiseptic surgery and a return to ideas which obtained in

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Case 3 . — Baby G. K., aged five weeks, was first ex-

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to boiled pickled pork and hard boiled eggs; eggs that have been cooked

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And I should like to remark by way of parenthesis here that the

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Wifl. WOOD & CO., No. 27 Oreat Joues St., N. li°.

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When writing Advertisers please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine

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properly called Tumbleweeds. It is not a thistle at all,

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occurs and this usually very soon after the appearance of the sub-

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chains which prevents conscious control. The more highly skilled a

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luxuriant as to prevent a horse from eating with any

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rhages from mucous membranes are nearly always present,

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The names of Willan and Bateman in Britain, ;ind of Alibert

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diagnoses. The remaining 1 1 patients had a wide variety of neurologic disorders, including multiple

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regulations for all the health personnel of the country,

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ministered most efficiently and with the least dis-

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to combat the formation of lime oxalates and to prevent

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This would require a searching investigation into our whole system of

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faint. The heart was otherwise normal. The blood pres-

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It had been noticed clinically that in some cases under

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and uro-genetal disorders, pyorrhoea alveolaris and helminthiasis.

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('hristianH as were Spaninh suljjectit. It indudt-A .0.3

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and difficult to cure than others, not because they partake of any

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developed tuberculosis after the ascites recurred. This latter is the