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practitioner. He reported that he had had watering troughs

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profound problems — is even to the eye a perpetual source

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from the feel of tortuous and knotted cords in the swelling: it is

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in by a large number of the most prominent histologists, is to be

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35. Winternitz, R. Ueber Allgemeinwirkungen ortlich reizender Stoffe.

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obscure cases where the ague fit is not well developed.

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case of cerebral abscess, 90; suppuration of the tympanum occur-

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Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital.

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(Sheep Scab Order of 1905, 6879 ; Sheep Scab (Compulsory Dipping

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country, for heretofore there has existed an absolute want of any scien-

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Assistant Attending Pathologist, New York Hospital.

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among the sage brush on the plains, and sometimes in the pine

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In the latter cases the patient can be prepared for the

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ject ! It is now universally admitted to be a diseased condition of

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amply confirmed Dr. Bill's experience, and yet the matter has

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Bouffe de St. Blaise (11), speaking from an examination of 26 cases, says

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with subsidence of the swelling, and in the other with the abate-

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caused cerebral rheumatism. I know very well that metastasis to

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tinct, and altogether disappears, if the tissues are tolerably thick.

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cough would appear to be during the second, third, and fourth years of

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one person to another by this method of vaccination.

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cause intense pain, and to render the arm very sensitive to the

migraine medication maxalt side effects

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its nauseating properties, it is easy to see how it may relax the cervix. But

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Van Zandt, Henry C, Schenectady, Schenectady Co. Original.

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the one hand, and "inflammatory diseases" in general, or the

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So far as is known tetramitus is an entirely harmless parasite.

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of the case and the idiosyncrasy of the individual. Butyl-chloral gives

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oil, the wart itself is then soaked with the chromic acid solution ;

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that is lime water and linseed oil mixed, is good, or use carbolized oil,

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sparing him all extreme suffering. Large doses may be required, as much

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of respiratory paralysis in anterior poliomyelitis. (Sub-

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with cordite powder. This weapon was sighted for an initial

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means that a certain number of the scholars must sit in a

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of the right choaua. The obstruction was bony, and was a

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should be put in the form, " Can this or that aphasic person

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Noble, Robert C; Junior Assistant Resident in Medicine

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meninges or of the spinal canal. The evidence on this point was