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the Fleet in the Black Sea, in August, 1854, more particularly
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complete cure was obtained after five applications, made
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Accredited by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. Medicare Approved. Blue Cross Participating
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1-3. — Phillips (L.) Tbe treatment of ophthalmia ta'si.
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Monatsbl. f. Augenh., Stuttg., 1892. xxx, 329-336. —
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was made possible only by the willingness of every member to
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It seems to have been the Columbus' egg which Hahnemann in his system
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which will be taken up successively in the first part of this work, represent
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to the Bun's r.iys. This view of the caitsntion is, howercr, oonJei'tunL
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were insane. In other cases they wander away in a dazed state and
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venous blood. Hence dropsy is especially associated with dilata-
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striking. There can be no question of the effect of
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of the menstrual discharge, which was then largely made up of leuco-
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long lifetime a number of volumes of natural history, botany and
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patients there with catarrhal affections of the urinary tract,
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associated with chronic kidney disease. Now then we have
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liquid, even although the physical signs are positive. Tlie
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the membrane forming them must undergo some structural
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pathic inferiority" and "constitutional inferiority" with
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in 1722, he commenced to cut for stone by the "high way,"
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terms it may be said that all strictures, whether large
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live. He is now a big boy, attending school. I have
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In a similar case of a young married woman, where the local and ge-
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system. The most recent investigations into physiological chem-
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with silver nitrate and mercurochrome 220. It is thought that the silver
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tongue is not a sign of syphilis, though it has usually been considered
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tained. \Ve felt ourselves justified in recognizing the
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advance was ever made than the introduction of asepsis,
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with and exert their toxic influence on the blood itself. Poi-
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chant and his wife of Calcutta, but they were so sure of the
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Dogs, &e. the diseases to which they are subject, and the
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trouble. She was put there to try out the rest, and, secondly, to see
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The reason for putting the convalescent and healthy in
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cases the intervening period varied in length from seven to seventeen
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Morbid Anatomy. — There are no lesions peculiar to the disease. The
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again. Conclusion : Cocaijte temporarily and locally de-
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Leipz. u. Beil., 1892, xviii, 526-531.— I.,ane (W. A.) A
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positions, in the lung. In septic cases they are often met with
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is severe it is quite impossible to move the members af-
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The resting- juice was allowed to syphon and was dripping at
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cases hyoscine is probably a more efficient remedy. Among the medical
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There are two methods of treatment which the Chinese
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occur most frequently in the progress of a paralysis
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