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artificial cultivation, it will be noticed that they are at the same time

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(From the Departments of Medicine and Pathology of The Johns Hopkins

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Bullard *). As we have seen, the diaphragm of the cat contains many

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of milk. The siirnifieanee nf this faet will he dwelt upon Inter.

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veins will be distended to the size of the little finger

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side to it; it points the way for the breeder to follow. If he should

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VI. The Termination of Pneumonia in Cases with Recovery. By Charles P.

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of nonunion in fractures treated by external skele-

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nesses of tough ^-inch lumber are used in building up the three or

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“From many sections of the United States,” says an

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exposed. The normal diaphragm between the trachea and the esophagus

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intensified by substantial losses of nitrogen during parturition

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localize in just this portion of the heart, altiiough they are rare.

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Doctor Pipe Mixture. Made by the same process as used in the manufacture of Philip Morris Cigarettes.

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process similar to that described in the interstitial tissue elsewhere. They

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knowledge of anatomy of these structures. It is important for the

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At the meeting in Springfield a report was given by

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came highly virulent for cattle. Culture Case XIV, at first manifest-

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the precordium. A systolic thrill was palpable. The relative cardiac dul-

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molded to the exact specifications of any wound, and applied

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Fig. 2. Tubercle bacilli from culture Girl I, after bovine passage.

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and one to the nasal side of the disc. In the second case there was a

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In the 104 cases in which donor bone was used, there

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breed, must be recognized as worthy of a prize either at an exhibi-

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108". Blood cultures on the twelfth and fourteenth days showed respectively

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68. ♦Monnier: " Fall von kongenitalen Verschluss des Oesophagus

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Releases on monthly column (Medical Sidelights) 510

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bori/onal .lire.-tion. and if any tendeney toward deviation from the plane of

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Service created the office of “Dermatoses Investi-

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at the meeting of the Radiological Society of North

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We believe that this condition is identical with the one first described

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Experimentelle priifung der virulenz von tuberkelbacilleii. Ztschr. f. liyg.

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was 75 milligrams a day for from two to three weeks,

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interested citizens. These meetings were intended to be largely edu-

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T?ie cattle-killing floor of the north Tiouse presented a very bad appearance. Bloody,

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the outbreak had been measles or scarlet fever instead of poliomyelitis.

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