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Medical and Surgical Reporter for October 6th, Dr. Patze has an article upon

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^Mien a patient is discharged, the lK*<lding is placed

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world." To those who like this sort of literary work

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well into the pelvis, and more or less firmly fixed

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a hospital, and must also be endorsed by the superin-

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he has had two or three attacks of hemorrhage of the stomach fol-

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escape the notice of the profession, the patient feeling himself well,

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localized dilatations of capillaries and venules, forming distinct groups

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denly rose to above 103^, and for the next eight days was usually between 101^

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a similar degree of acidosis may be produced in partially starved ani-

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fection, might account for the signs of intoxication in lobar pneumonia.

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a trial was again made, with directions that if no efibct followed the second dose, a

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with simple dressings ; later, to support the patient's

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store was opened by H. H. Mackstroth, who also practiced medicine to a limited

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ornaments of many social circles. The fairest and loveliest are its favorites.

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and adopted, and by permitting Dr. Husted to read his remarks on the

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It is almost evident, from what we have already seen, that it is

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The objections to the original site were its bleak exposure, pointing

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Cohnheim's great work. All that could be done here was to

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quently an augmentation of the nitrogen output; or it

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Supposing that an ordinary case of hay asthma be allowed to

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Forster's but one of perhaps equal merit in its own line. The