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A typical example of this form of recurrence is given in Figs. 11 to 13. Fig. 11

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contained in the blood is in a simple state, and that

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the nervous system is a complex piece of machinery, as delicate

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wave-like fashion over two or three interspaces, and again returns during

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1905 b. — Idem <Rev. de med. y cirug. pract., Madrid (897), an. 29, v. 68, 7 sept.,

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and delicately poised, but must be actually overflowing. Both the facts

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may require. The number of enlisted men in each of the several

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think it applicable for sores of large size — say six or seven inches across — from

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climates such as the Eiviera, the Nile, St. Moritz, and Morocco, being advis-

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these laryngeal diphtheria, of whom 4 died. Of the 25 patients treated in

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it well, take of this one part, Dexter liniment or coal oil

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a floating body of traumatic origin and short dura-

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nicated by personal contact sixty-six and seventy days from the commencement

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The average gas case appearing before the review board at Camp

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themselves, while one entire family of six or seven members I

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14 to 17 Cells from ganglia in the thoracic region of the sympathetic trunk.

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other observers, for the reasons I have given, cannot, in my

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determine more or less accurately the character of the

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• See " Pereira on Food and Diel," pp. 89, 90.— H. Gsspnrd iojected >

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be apprehensive, subtle, and full of compliments, yet vain

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well and digestion gave her no trouble. Was full of de-

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Has never walked; intellect feeble; left arm and hand

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cases in 21,891 labours. (2) Elderly primiparse were more com-

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To the astonishment of both doctor and patient, not only were the

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of the bronchi is intensely injected. The appearance of the kidneys varies

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consideration of which leads me into this field, I shall introduce the names

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redness of the tumour itself, sufficiently attest that the morbid

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fined. There are in many instances other medicines which are

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the latter being protected from its influence by combination with the