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Toxicology. By J. Hunter Lane, M.D. F.L.S. F.S.S.A. One neat pocket
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3. Septic Tanks. — In construction these tanks are similar to
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it necessary to have a column for doubtful diagnoses.
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Convolutional Pattern in the Primates." Dr. Maurice Xicloux, Paris,
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It has been given to allay irritation and slight pain after
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in its public charitable institutions, and the time has
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Art. XIII. — ./ Case of Pericarditis. Bj .John ThWAITEB,
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ficult always to know whether the cervix was lacerated, especially in minor
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itself. He believes that the tissues present in various
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too much by legalizing these discordant systems ; but if it intended to
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Fig. 27 (X 1,000) and Figs. 28, 29, and 30 (X 3,000) show the leptospira in
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only the red cells and polynuclears in varying degrees. It is to be noted
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theivfore may be pobitlvely known to have existed, some of them at least,
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The President then announced that the Branch would proceed to
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The amount of gastric juice secreted in twenty -four
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patriots and heroes and lovers, a more patriotic hero,
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classified lists of references to current literature which the volumes
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what, but the other symptoms, cough and expectoration, continued
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Service” form. In addition to the general data, information is
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contagious disease of the mucous membrane. A similar vagi-
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the majority, it is only in the later stages of the illness, at a period
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poisons. A verv' minute quantity of such a poison as hydrocyanic
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French army, is still in the experimental stage with the
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phate of lime, administered at the end of meals, permits digestion, increases the
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a universal plastic peritonitis was found. The adhesions were
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The New Hampshire Medical Society recently held its
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1. The lagging of the voice, and the misdirection of energy
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so that the folds of the mucosa may present a level surface to the impinging jet
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protected against immune substances in the body fluids. There are
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fuls equivalent to 150 mg of ranitidine) four times a day
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juster, and practiced Eeid's manipulations, but without
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to go further and say that on the earliest appearances
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dom the case. A little attention to the information and precepts given
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