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years, becomes sore and eczematous. After this, eczema appears on
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the agencies at work, it may be confidently asserted that the true
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are prone to occur in neurasthenia, are even significant of it : these are
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and syphilis, which to an inexperienced eye may be indistinguishable
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are present, in some degree, in about 20 per cent of all cases.
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A 2 B cells is more readily recognized if a 4 percent
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The history of the wheal is characteristic. It is sudden in appearance,
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exceptional ; indeed it is often difficult or impossible to induce sweating,
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of eelectic review of the various opinions on the causation of the disease.
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overnight. Pour off acid solution and rinse six times under full
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power till it becomes virulent. The more virulent the more rapidly it
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Treatment. — The treatment of spindle-celled sarcoma of the skin is not
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Med. Irelaml, March 1889.— 58. Drechsel. Centralbl. f. Physiol. 1895-6, ix. p. 705.
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II. Etiology. — As to sex ; it is hardly necessary to mention the greater
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slightly motile ; chromogenetic, forms golden-yellow pigment. Non-
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tuous and finely aromatic essences that were of sovereign
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must be carefully applied to the surface of the wart itself ; unless care-
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gave it up. He had as much difficulty in writing as in telegraphing, and it was
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the digestive tube is less certain ; but many authors, such as Gueneau de
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Arndt attributes the first approach to a true conception of the clinical group
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cough ; he is crafty for his own ends, seducing people to his
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was certainly wrong about the proper painting of the sur-
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blood be found at 1.0, it is necessary to choose for 100
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his prescriptions provoke astonishment and laughter in this
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dissolved with acetic acid. The impetigo contagiosa may be treated
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at his cases from this point of view ; for it often leads him to found his
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range and is used to obtain an exact focus, after prior
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advantageous to health than celibacy, or promiscuous inter-
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exclamations. But later, as I have said, it becomes more complex,
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patches, especially on dry situations and outer surfaces of limbs ; (iii.)
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The ulcerating gummatous lesion is dusky or coppery in hue at its
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eruptions, ulcerations, pulmonary and abdominal complaints, and so
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Idiocy and Imbecility. Drs. Shuttleworth and Fletcher Beach
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by treatment or regimen ; or we may recognise it as caused by an accidental
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which, with local antiseptic precautions, I consider the most important
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Diagnosis. — Suppurative hidradenitis may be confounded with acno
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sometimes the testes remain small, while in the female there is the painful
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hands has proved by far the most effective agent. It may be applied
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seen. ... I was dreadfully alive to nervous terrors. The night-time
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Oily, greasy, or tarry materials tend to produce eruptions, first of all
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when the mosquito next proceeds to haustellation. In this way an extra-
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working distance of the 16-mm objective is about 5mm, that of
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down my sides, for in very hot weather, or when the bed-clothes are