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apparatus of Europe employed in the hands of very skillful operators.

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of cases develop from causes over which the physician has no control.

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ments vith which his patient is afflicted. The case

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or sterilization of material infected with discharges the use of disinfectants

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Bending the head forward and downward strongly will often

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applicants under forty who show a diastolic pressure of one

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Hence the Johns Hopkins Medical School demands not only the di

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be of short duration. We want some symptom by which we

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showed residual food no free hydrochloric acid no free lactic acid

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the throat the lining of the mouth is very red and little ulcers

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cation. The most common immediate cause is exposure to cold in

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A Case of Spastic Diplegia Following Whooping Cough with

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of adult life. The more poorly integrated adolescent

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malignant growths infect neighboring and distant parts

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the fluid wash them in sixty per cent alcohol for about two

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Rumpf about the same time published the results of the treatment

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