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period of puberty. A fat child of six or seven years may retain
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operation called lithotrity or another term lithon
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G. Gaertner und F. Romer Ueber die Einwirkung von Tuberculin und anderen
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The bacillus just described can act only in the presence
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tlie bulk of most urinary calculi in horses and ruminants
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ful to the horse as the tight boot would be to the owner.
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Fischer at the Vanderbilt Clinic has taught me that the examina
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Another antidote was sack. Tobacco was used as a prophylactic
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establish an early diagnosis gastroenterostomy might be attempted
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portion of the auditory canal. The firmness with which the thick fascia
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Upon two points Mr. Maunder claims the merit of originality
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spleen. The bone symptoms may be marked and the epiphyses may even be
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wound and rely on drainage and healing by secondary intention. Heal