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incision made through it is apt to injure that vessel.

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eration. After a careful study of the literature the writer concluded

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ventricles slightly hypertrophied especially the right.

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Roentgen investigation of the bismuth filled alimentary tract in

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gency expansion and for exceptional cases of advancement in rank or

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and cordial diet with a proper allowance of wine but to many

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adopt a routine treatment of ice baths for every patient those of the

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entire a roller bandage was lightly applied. The boy is

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occurring in the course of facial neuralgia and after arsenical treatment. The

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Other functions normal. Eight leeches to be applied to the precordial region and

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such peculiar action in tlie decornpoKition of carbon

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relieve the laboring ventricles by equalizing the circulation

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have occasion to quote before we propound his theories also observes

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had rewarded his skill so far as the preservation of the little

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case I am obliged to be thus explicit. The patient is about

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Bradycrote Treatment of Yellow Fever by Gelseminum Sempervi

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ment of the disease. Lowrey found it of immense value with how

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For the information of those who may desire to avail them

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the British Pharmacopoeia stands by itself typical of the

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