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difficult one and requires all the skill and judgment of

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disease the patient is hardly ever tolerably free from it except

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Hindi name Kaner. This is a spinal and cardiac poison

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In the subacute forms the direct diagnosis cannot always be made. Per

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Oil the Use of the Cochlea in the Organ of Hearing.

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ness of this acid in aseptic and antiseptic surgery. It is far

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Symptomatic treatment must be conducted in accordance

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of the thigh and the gluteal muscles. As these changes progress the

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toms of appendicitis associated with the and whether knowingly or not co operated

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Death usually occurs during a convulsion or an apoplectiform attack or

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fection described under the same name by Dubiui and

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the patients soon recover entirely without being the

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Now a word about the use of antipyretics My advice is like

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of the various organs of the entire body. The return of these

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are suddenly lost as in removal of limb by amputation the effects

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tubercles were found in the lungs and peritoneum hyperplasia of

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normal and all the symptoms gradually disappear. X ray apphca

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ceding chapter on scrofula that namely the formation of tubercles is

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in relation to location and type of lesion Mayo Clin. Proc.

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Eltments Physiology The reproduction of thc species is in woman the most

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