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chief surgeon of the department on sanitary matters.

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ethics. Opinions and Reports of the Judicial Council, was

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recovery, 6 were ameliorated, 1 remained stationary, and 14

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powers of nature. To the truth of these remarks there are no excep-

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to suspect its existence in a large proportion of the cases in which proof

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advance anything that is novel upon such a subject as hernia, which

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ary to a tuberculous lymphatic gland in the neighborhood ;

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and fight. One argument which reassures him is that Achilles also is

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years. Children of twelve years of age, destroying them-

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angina thyroidea, thyrophyma acuta, struma inflammatoria, thyro-adenitis,

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paralysis. According to the setiological factor, and according to the soil in

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town or hospital assisting with medical .school costs in

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of Surgery by attendance on clinical lectures, and en the

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interrupted recovery, though no Listerian precautions were used.

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tion. Since that time we have received a letter from Dr George

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idtural methods less exact than now. It is not surprising that

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induced him to try it exclusively in the headache of influenza, and with