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shivering, sometimes succeeded by an indistinct hot stage, but always by profuse

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question yet more difficult to decide. Nearly all the dust that is inhaled

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be resorted to early. Eecent observations have confirmed the fact, many

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the rest of his life. Death was due to a carcinoma of the esoph-

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mattress of silver wire, the finest made, is looped or knotted and finally

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the hospital or at home. In the latter case, physicians

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joints may become more or less stiff, though neitlier

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recovered from the effects of both operations, and was

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prove too mighty for them to control. Thus hernias of various

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of cold water, and the whole given by teaspooofnls in the twenty-foar hours :

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eighty beds, and that, consequently, such a scheme would be a

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depends upon relatively sophisticated laboratory techniques. There

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tives. I frankly confess to being very seriously alarmed in

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the milk. In two instances the outbreak was supposed to be due to

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instrument is removed, a good-sized grooved staff can be readily introduced

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Dr. W. F. Hamilton read a case report upon an aortic

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A Tale of Mismanagement. — Sm: On the 28th of last June, a

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iodoform gauze packed about it. For forty-eight hours there

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cases of talipes equino varus. — Brooklyn Medical Journal^ July, 1904.

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others to make known their experience along similar lines.

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cases were mixed infections — the intestinal affection being

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cumspection, under the belief that, even in moderate doses, it is liable to