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opinions already cited were at all common in the profession

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at least under certain circumstances envelopes most if not all bacteria.

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Among others the classification of Wesener and Kartulis is well known

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The Branch with two administrative units the Design and Analysis

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of secondary suppurating buboes seemed diminished by it. Mixed

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body. We busy ourselves now with counting the millions

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mation of serous surfaces and burying of suture. It is well

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the canine race and that of man also the similarity in the character

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of crowded towns.. Both diseases contrary to most epidemic affections may

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brown or black pigment granules appear in the outer layer of the

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ought not to have been passed over in silence by the Chair.

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intense before his admission to the house but then subsided under the

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while the one with the paratyphoid infection died. Immune

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The patient complained that she felt perfectly well during the period that

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the carotid artery cause meningitis by direct irritation. In

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up is a strap round the neck with about inches of chain

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spray and for the irrigation of wounds. As an after dressing

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On examination she gave the impression of being seriously ill

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found great advantage from bleeding followed by transfusion and

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Association. The meeting adjourned at a late hour with a cordial

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Objectives This particular project is included among those

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present. Half an hour later there was a very severe chill the