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exercise — for example, walking 100 feet fairly rapidly — the rate rises to 150

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adopt measures which will retard its accumulation. Any

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already too low. Aromatic spirits of ammonia is often useful as a heart

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plied as an out-patient at St. Thomas's Hospital on the 23rd of September, 1858. She stated

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1917) by total admissions by nativity (Table 10, S. G. Rep., 1917).

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note, the patient was suffering fi*om a slight attack of pneu-

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the north. Quite often do we, in cases of sickness, see

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Hospital administration in the field. — In considering the

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open air, find it comparatively easy to rear in£suQts.

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important; at his habits, his tastes, his methods, his

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the stimulus, the excitant of the stomach which is the support of

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Copper is present it is seen coating the steel plate, being-

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of an amputated penis is well known to be, at times, very considerable 1

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Germany, and Hungary. The scope of the work reveals the extent to which defectiveness

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to going in the sun may account for the small number of

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ther wholly nor in part at fault and hence responsible for

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I have usually removed some of the upper layers of the

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relief, cancer dressings, the sale of Hygeia, and the

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Oct. 18, 1902) says there is no question as to the authenticity of

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acid 50 per cent., formalin 7 per cent., carbolic acid 10 per cent.,

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The only unequivocal proof of the existence of worms in the

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end of the 3 preceding weeks such cases had lieen 19, 32, and

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most prompt, vigorous, intelligent, and careful treatment. Three essen-