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Dr. !•".. Wi<,<;i.i>\ oktii. of Boston. I have now
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the Stomach which had become Malignant. Exhibited by Mr
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wire gave much more pain on withdrawing it than the pliant flax
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I aorta, heard loudest to the right of the sternum, just above the
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chronic cases, associated in every instance with pleuritis, and undoubt-
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vidual chiefly through the sputum but as the pneumococcus is found in the
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1. The clinical jacket submitted differs only in some of the data
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enthusiast wiU receive from these men a full measure of merited
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that, if any intelligent man should call to see one of these letters or cer-
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tous nephritis ; but I have also seen persons die of the same
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developed; pneumococci were found in the pus. Among 55 cases of pneu-
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caused by missiles from small arms, and the remainder by shell
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Academy, and there obtained his classical and general education.
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Peyer's patches. On microscopic examination there were found
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sioners Draper, Bell, Nicholson, and Qrinnell— the follow-
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duction of the oxalates, and should drink an abundance
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obtained by him at the Croydon War Hospital are vouched for by
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before the bandage is put on, and in some cases the use under the
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half an inch shortening. This result was the best that had
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Exploration by the surgeon's finger. — Of all instruments for
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cerebral haemorrhage under conditions as nearly similar to those
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in its hair and go from bad to worse. Two volumes which have
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not excelling, Europeans. The Philharmonic Society, the most scientific musical asso-
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results upon which we are all so well informed. At this time the habit
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ings. They are therefore necessarily fulcra for all
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will explain the rupture of vessels in old people; but it is contended
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patient, then a radical operation, in order to try to
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