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two brothers died of pleurisy, and two children of pulmonary phthisis.

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can compete with the Landseers, in their fidelity to nature and freedom of

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and Chemistry of the American Medical Association, but nothing can

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says : " The pharmacopoeias of Continental Europe and the prescrip-

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In conjunction with the other physical signs mentioned, this sign

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described by Wyllie. Tlie voice is monotonous, according to v. Leube,

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generally settled down to— 1st. Best possible hy-

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also from the outer borders of the fissures, and then each cleft is to be

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8. Besuier : Patliogenie des Erythcmes. Annales de Dermatologie et de

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the patient recovered from his chill. As other remedies Avere here

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suria without increase of the quantity of urine passed,

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increases, and the catarrh is aggravated. After the second day

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" near the ears there are veins which render impotent

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upper left side of the gum, about linch in length, and a simi-

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tered in which no characteristic symptoms existed ; the patient has

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livers of geese, Kowaleski and Salaskin, in 1901, showed that it was syn-

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proved that the infective matter is contained in the solid and

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lost the precipitin in its blood. We see here that the antibody appears

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large, there is distinct tri-sedimentation, and on microscopic examina-

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and his cough is troublesome. Respirations 68, sharp and quick. Sputum scanty,

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rals that are noted with the syphilitic spirochaete discovered by Schau-

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all of which he left to his wife, the accepted, if not adopted, son

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an organization was formed on the 29th of March, 1875, named

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that year. In 1875 he was elected a trustee of Hobart

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in an American negro resident here, but no case has been

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and bad results of orthopedic practice — witness the

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bringing the child's mouth in contact with the affected part, in

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necrosed ribs and packing with gauze wrung out in chloride

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the other, such as cowpox should be in the Watsonian view,

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and the one in most extensive use is gluten bread or biscuits made from