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of the former bar has thirty feet of water. By the operation of the same

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region, he therefore attributes either to some direct violence having been sus-

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among those in the warmer zone to the south, but it is

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cerebellum, extending into the right lobe; softening of the cerebellum, particu-

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Middle region consists of a zone of sand-hills, from 30 to 40 miles wide,

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been imperfectly ripened, or has undergone changes after being

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tice has been followed by most of our surgeons up to the present day. Boyer

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materials for a history of this poison does not seem to have

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foramen magnum. There was no extravasation of blood in any part; con-

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Although we have in our nineteenth volume (p. 112), in our

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wrists and constituting the pulse. Here the force of the pulse is a measure of

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with the correct proportion of ipecac in it. (See Appen-

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cuticle over the burrows, cures the itch for all time. But

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vasa efferentia. Hence arise the well-known large, swollen,

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recognize the human physiognomy. In this early stage the pulse was full,

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from its serum and other principles; and there cannot therefore be any certainty

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control is evidently gone, and the spasmodic affection seems to par-

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chemists closely accord; reference need only be made to those analyses, and it

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tricts; and in these, the quantity of malaria seems to be insufficient to

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up to the present state of knowledge about intra-ocular ten-

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quite inadequate to cure these nervous affections, which become more or less

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3. Injury qf riglit frontal (P) hone cf child, — \ woman was

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ciated by practical men. The oppression of a mass of crude and undigested

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the same success. The cows chosen were from 4 to 6 years old, and they were

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and a table of comparison of the Fahrenheit with the Centigrade

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twenty-one should be permitted to indulge in tobacco

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second case was an epileptic patient, aged twenty-three, in whom the acephalo-

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is only safe when the foot is first thoroughly washed and

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cine excepting slight nausea; slept well during the night; skin moist and

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passage of the curved extremity of a canula, from the bladder

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and most men who look around them, and honestly reflect on

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neous active. 4. Artificial active inversion. The onl^ uterine con-

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adopted in all countries, especially with regard to those causes

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on suspicion of poisoning. A commission, consisting of Sene, Payen,

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breaking up of the latter. Near these, by carmine imbibition, very

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formins in their ensemble a large focus of destruction inter-

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a village about eight or nine thousand yards from Trieste. Thence

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mingled with the fluid, the blood having flowed from some artery wounded in

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of the carotids, M. Jobert instituted a series of experiments upon several classes